Self-Care Resources

Check out these resources for self-care activity ideas and support! I'll continue updating as you share your favorites with me.

Meditation/Mindfulness Resources

Rev. angel Kyodo williams: Focusing on What Matters - a 6-minute intro to meditation and grounding. So useful + inspiring for every moment of life. [CC]

Insight Timer - my favorite meditation app. Over 30-thousand free meditations, searchable by length, goal, or type of practice. One thing to note: these are all audio recordings in various spoken languages - there's no visual component or transcript.

Some of my favorite Insight Timer meditations and teachers:

Smiling Mind - I just discovered this app, and I love that it is completely free and offers programs. You can select a program, and then each day there are practices prepared for you that help you move along the track. I'm trying out the Digital Detox program first! This app also appears to be audio-based with no captions.

Visual Meditation - There are many free visual meditations on YouTube, this one is captivating and colorful!

Visual Breathing Meditation - Simple and fantastic for focusing on your breath.

Grounding & Connecting with Inner Wisdom

The "Hell, Yes!" Checklist - Outlines a simple process to make aligned decisions with more ease, and strengthen communication with your inner wisdom.

Somatic Centering Practice led by Prentis Hemphill - 12 minutes - captioned

Grounding Exercise: Anxiety Skills #5 - 3 minutes - Therapy in a Nutshell YouTube - captioned

Simple Grounding Exercise - Walk for 5 minutes on grass, sand, or forest floor in your bare feet. Pay attention to your breath, and the way the ground feels under your feet. 

Guided Journaling

Self-Care Writing Practices - Alex Elle

Gratitude Journal Prompts

31 Day Guided Journaling Prompts

Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling - book by Katie Dalebout


The Tapping Solution App - Some captioned content - A fantastic resource to learn and practice tapping. Tapping is a simple and effective way to reduce anxiety, pain, and stress.

The Tapping Solution YouTube channel - captioned

Other Self-Care Apps

DONE app - Habit tracker - Track up to 3 daily or weekly habits on the free version.

Aloe Bud app - Self-Care Pocket Companion - track self-care habits and get uplifting messages and encouragement.

Physical Self-Care & Movement

Yoga With Adriene - free yoga channel on YouTube with a wide range of styles, skill-levels, and lengths. All yoga practice videos are captioned.

Deafhood Yoga - These are paid offerings, but such a valuable resource for the Deaf and ASL community!

Beachbody On Demand - free, captioned, home workouts + an awesome coach! Download the PDF below. Thanks for sharing this resource, Angie Carroll - interpreter + coach. Follow her on instagram for lots of daily physical self-care support.

Feel free to share the Resource Guide with others, but please don't share the slides. Thank you!

Beachbody On Demand 9 Free Sample Workouts.pdf
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