It’s 2020! A new decade has arrived!

With the coming of the new year, you may be making resolutions, setting intentions, or picking a word for the year...I love it! I am too. Today I want to share with you one of my favorite rituals of the new year - my annual oil selection.

Annual Oil Selection - a little bit woo, a whole lot of fun

Based on the practice of an annual tarot or oracle reading (like this “Year Ahead Spread” from The Wild Unknown) - which lays out themes, guidance and messages for each of the 12 months ahead - my annual oil selection gives me one oil to focus on and use daily for each month. I meditate on the properties of that oil throughout the month, allowing it to set the tone and inform my spiritual practices. It’s been amazing to see how the messages from my selection in December or January actually manifest during the year! In this blog post I’ll lay out exactly how I select the oils and some other helpful tools you can use for annual readings.

The Tools

There are so many tools available to help guide, support, and inform us. So many ‘things’ have symbolism and deeper meaning, and can be meditated on, journaled with, or otherwise used to help us connect with our higher self’s wisdom and our higher power. Pick a tool that you already use, own, and are comfortable with, or adventure into new territory and pick one that you're curious to learn more about. The sky is the limit!!

  • Essential Oils are one of my favorites because of their immediate energetic and emotional effect. Each oil - based on the plant’s properties and vibration, and your body’s chemistry - will give you a different emotional result. Getting to know one oil or oil blend over the course of a full month has helped me to learn my oils and their effects on my unique chemistry more’s like spending time with a friend everyday - you build and deepen your relationship and knowledge of each other’s particular quirks and traits.

Other tools I use:

The Picking

(Photo of my oil case and oils set up on top of my dresser, with the diffuser nearby). Sign reads: It always seems impossible until it is done. -Nelson Mandela.

First, I get my oils set up just right. My collection stopped fitting in my case a long time ago, so I open up multiple boxes, drawers, and pouches in order to have a healthy selection of most of my oils (there are honestly a few I don’t bother to include because I just. Don’t. Like. them. Yet. Those are probably exactly the ones I should be including I suppose…).

Next, I get myself set up just right - by oiling up! This was my protocol this year:

  • Spikenard - heart - to be led by gratitude
  • Doug Fir - back of neck - ancestral wisdom
  • Bergamot - solar plexus - trust the process
  • Vetiver - wrists - listen deeply
  • Black Pepper - third eye - for clarity
  • Frankincense - crown - opening to the divine
  • Balance - bottoms of feet - for groundedness

Last before the picking, I spend a few moments in silence, breathing in the oils, asking to be led to the tools I will need through this next year, and calling up gratitude for the plants and the process.

Then, I pick! I have my journal open and my pen ready. My oils are all situated on a low dresser, so I can comfortably stand and run my hands over them. I close my eyes, think about the month for which I’m picking (starting with January), breathe, and feel into my body as I move my open palms slowly over the tops of the bottles until I feel something. It may be the weight of my body pulling forward, a tingling in one hand or one finger, warmth, heaviness, anything that feels like information. When I get a little pull like this, I slow way down and feel into it, discerning which specific bottle I’m being drawn to, all with my eyes closed, until I settle on the bottle - then I open my eyes. It’s always a fun moment! I write down the oil next to the month I was picking for in my journal, and then repeat the process for the next month - until I’ve done January through December.

Symbolism & Properties

Once the picking is all done, I sit down with one of my most-loved and frequently-used reference guides, Emotions and Essential Oils. I read through the description of the oil and take notes on the lessons to remember during that month.

If you’re using other tools with symbolism or properties, like crystals or cards, you can consult the internet or your favorite reference guide to get some info on what you’ll want to keep in mind that month while working with that card, crystal, transit, etc...

Through the Year

2019. December. forgiveness. Forgiving others sets you free. Everyone is learning & growing. Forgiveness makes room for trust. (Photo of the front cover of my journal)

Each month, as near to the first as possible, I take some time with my journal to transition mentally and emotionally into the new month - looking back at the lessons from the month that’s coming to a close, and then setting intentions and making notes in my journal for the month ahead, allowing my oil and passage/crystal/card to guide me.

During my morning quiet time each day, I take the oil from my altar where it sits through the month, apply it where I feel it’s needed (using the chakra and meridian points as guides), and feel the effects of it as I meditate, pray, and journal.

I look forward to the new oil and tools each month, and love watching the affirmations and messages unfold and show up on a daily basis.

Please share what you find, if you do an annual reading or oil selection!

What tools do you like to use?

What messages or intentions manifested?

I look forward to hearing from you!